TrueDRY™ DR65 Whole-House Dehumidifier: Humidity Control Replacement

Tools to replace the humidity control on the Honeywell dr6 five. I used a Torx bit t25 size in either a cordless driver or a hand screw driver type a Phillips screwdriver, Needle nose pliers, side cutters for cutting electrical ties and a voltage meter.

This content  will show you how to replace the control on the honeywell dr65 humidifier. This is the only dehumidifierthat has an on board control so symptoms of this are going to be it isn’t sensing correctly from the setting straight down should give you approximately fifty percent that can be plus or minus. But it’s a good gauge and you can adjust it dryer or moisture from there on personal preference or to try to meet your percentage. If the control doesn’t turn the machine on and off even though it has high humidity or it doesn’t turn it off.

Here Is Some Advice How About You Control Humidity your Replacement?

We have to replace the control you need to remove the knob on the front of machine, remove the exhaust panel and then remove the three screws on each side to remove the cabinet. Once the six screws are removed simply grab the sides. You can kind of open it up, pull it off the top to replace the control itself. You have the knob off there’s two Phillips screws they go into the control that hold it in place. You will need to remove those what will also make it easier is there’s two Phillips screws that hold the drain pan to the housing can, remove those. Then you can carefully lift this the drain pan the plastic part and get something maybe half inch wide or something to kind of hold that up this just allows you a little more room to kind of wiggle the control out.


You have those Phillips screws removed you’ll see this kind of loose needle nose pliers or something will help you kind of grab it. You have to back it out of the hole where the shaft is once you get it out of there. There’s just two wires the old control is out for replacing the new control connect your two wires and try the way to look back into place. Once the shaft is kind of through the hole there you can kind of use that line up the holes replace the Phillips screws replace the two Phillips screws that go into the drain pan to the base.

Now you can put the control knob back in place just slide that on just enough, it’s still clear the screws from this point you’re putting the cabinet back on and then your exhaust panel and you can retest. It we will now be replacing the cabinet and the exhaust panel, just kind of open it up exact opposite of putting it taking it off get the front corners aligned and replace the six screws that you’ve previously removed. The cabinet’s replaced then you could put your exhaust panel back on and this just sits on the back side and again six screws you use you removed earlier will hold this back in place.


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