Choosing and using a humidifier for baby the right way

Babies are delicate and very fragile. You just can’t subject anything harsh at them. Rather you have to take very good care that you use the best for them, which is the safest. This same care has to be taken while choosing a humidifier for baby too. The baby obviously needs a humidifier, and if not supplied on time in a warm or cold but dry air region, then the baby may get real bad symptoms of dryness from the dry air. It may get cracked lips and cracked and dry skin, patchy and scaly skin, and also breathing difficulties, and some rashes in some cases.

Keeping these in mind even baby care centers, hospitals etc also use the best humidifier for baby in the baby room with constant control and monitoring of the humidity of the room, so that humidity stays at the right levels for the baby to stay fit and comfortable.

What is the best humidifier for the baby?

Well choosing one humidifier for the baby may take your time to understand the exact mechanics, and why you are choosing it. There are so many types of machines and models which are enough to confuse any layman, but after reading this post you need not get confused anymore.

There are two types of humidifiers as pertaining to spread of humidity. One is the room type and another is the whole house humidifier. If the baby is in the mere infant stage, when the humidifier is mostly required, you only have to invest on a room humidifier which is pretty much on an affordable budget. And it essentially has to be cool mist humidifier, as you cannot take any chances. The chances of accidental steam burn due to negligence etc from a warm mist humidifier cannot be avoiding by a sleeping infant. Hence the cool mist humidifier would be safest and best.

Now, in case the baby is creepy and crawly and moves through the house, a room humidifier would be of no use. Either you may place humidifiers in every room, but that is just a waste of power and resources. Or you may simply get smart and implant a whole house humidifier. It would be a one-time investment but would be comforting for the bag wherever it goes.

Word of caution

While using a humidifier in the baby’s room, just be careful that the machine is not close to the baby’s body. And also keep a check on the humidity levels from time to time. Another very important thing is to check with the hygiene. The machine must be frequently cleaned so that no mold or bacteria may grow within due to constant contact with moisture and vapor. Else it may become a breeding ground for germs and the vapor emitted may be loaded with spores and germs.

Thus while choosing a baby humidifier, try to find one that would be easy to clean. One that has easy cleaning system with a cool mist system would be the top baby humidifier.

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